#biohackers #grinders #upgrade? or #downgrade?

According to Dave Asprey, biohacker and creator of “Bulletproof Coffee” and the “Bulletproof Diet”, biohacking is:

“The art of using technology to change the environment both inside and outside of your body to take control and make it do what you want.”

So here we are at the internet of things. We are collecting and loving this data about our bodies and minds on these devices. We are monitoring and storing data on iWatches, iPhones and iPads. And we are collecting and storing data in our bodies. We are following apps and profiles.

Thinking we shall gain more insight in our bodies and minds. Thinking it shall make us feel more connected to ourselves and others.

Answer me this. If #biohacking is the way to go forward then are we not looking at screens more than we are looking at faces? If that is the way to go forward then are we not more disconnected from ourselves and others? Ultimately shall we then not end up as lonely?

If all we aspire to #collect is #data. If all we aspire to #love is #data. Ultimately then all we shall be is #lonely.